sfp11 bad loop “Fragments”

cover artwork by Pedro Julien (high resolution version included on the complete release)

audio preview (medium quality):
[audio:http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-01-the_sinner-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-02-nth-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-03-sometimesrmx-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-04-pinta-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-05-en_sure_sinua-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp11/bad_loop-06-nth_planet_boelex_remix-stream.mp3,|titles=Sinner,Nth,Sometimesrmx,Pinta,En sure sinua,Nth (Planet Boelex remix)|artists=bad loop,bad loop,bad loop,bad loop,bad loop,bad loop]

Bad Loop is finnish artist Petteri Karjalainen, who’s been making music since the early 90’s.
During all these years, he have established his very own, recognizable style where melodies
collide with lush pads in subtle ways, driven by the layered rhythms, all these blended together
form the Bad Loop sound. And close to five years have passed since the last release “Luo“,
which appeared on the One netlabel.

At the time being, the focus was on the idm flavored melodic downtempo material, while
the new EP titled “Fragments” takes a new, more edgy and slightly darker direction. Being
a more beat oriented and occasionally even hectic in tempo, compiled from tracks originally
designed for live performances. Developed and mangled further into a piece that captures
the essential vibe of a Bad Loop gig.

Additional credits: track 6 remixed by Planet Boelex.

download the invidual tracks (high quality MP3):
01 “Sinner” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
02 “Nth” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
03 “Sometimesrmx” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
04 “Pinta” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
05 “En sure sinua” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
06 “Nth” (Planet Boelex remix) [download] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in MP3 format, 63 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in FLAC format, 210 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial license.


  1. I’m just listening to it! It’s Bad Loop in its best! Thank you for the release.
    Actually past year was shitty for me as well as for lots of my friends.
    Let’s hope that this new release will open up all the good energy I already feel coming from it!


  2. Keep up the great work badloop. I remember the first time I heard my favorite track (lumme) i was SIXTEEN, I am 23 now. Love from Canada, I make all my friends listen to badloop everytime we are in my car smoking a joint or coming back from a rave. I hope this year is great for you and as always don’t stop turning out the great tunes.


  3. Hello Petteri,

    Glad you are back…and glad your music came with you!

    Cheers to a New Year,

  4. Fresh yet vintage — your work is an inspiration, Petteri. In a nod to the commenter above me, Lumme remains a sentimental favorite. All the best!

  5. Great to see this new release is out! At the start of January, Soft Phase became the featured netlabel of the month on StillStream.com, and every Sunday night (USA time) I have been playing albums from the label in their entirety, three a week. This Sunday I’ll do releases 7, 8, and 9, and on the 31st I’ll get to add this new Bad Loop release to fill out the catalog!

    Thanks for all the great music, it’s an honor to play it on StillStream.

    — Mike Metlay (“Spiral”)

  6. Great stuff Petteri! I was waiting patiently for a new release and it was worth it.

    You are one of my favourite artists. There is not much music that is able to make me feel like i’m high and tripping without using any drugs and your music falls into that category.

    Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Germany.


  7. I have reviewed this for the swedish paper ASP-Bladet, which is targeted at muncipal social-workers in the city Karlstad. Might be of interest to you guys.

    And yes. It was a rave review. I love Fragments! :)

  8. Amazing!!! A very unique sound indeed!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

    ( an old friend ;) )

  9. Your beats explode my panties even if they are still in the closet. O well, I´m used to be Commando.


  10. thx so much for this. love your music and really appreciate the release. living proof that music shouldn’t be a commodity

  11. Lovely music here Peter , great to hear it and a nice lovely remix from the planet boelex too :D great thanks

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