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sfp06 HALO XVI “The Sixteenth Hour”

Cover image: oil on canvas by Marina Mazzega, digital artwork by Mauro Favaron
(printable PDF-version included with the complete release)

audio preview (medium quality):
[audio:http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-01-soft_g-skin-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-02-maximizing_the_intro-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-03-the_year_of_the_quiet_sun-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-04-what_remains_of_a_breath-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-05-apollo-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-06-another_way-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-07-a_night_in_the_city-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-08-moon-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-09-the_voice_of_the_angel-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp06/halo_xvi-10-atlantean-stream.mp3|titles=Soft G-Skin,Maximizing the intro,The year of the quiet sun,What remains of a breath,Apollo,Another way,A night in the city,Moon,The voice of the angel,Atlantean|artists=Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI,Halo XVI]

HALO XVI is the project of italian musician Gianpaolo Diacci,
who’s been playing bass, among other instruments in several bands over the years.
For the album “The Sixteenth Hour” he is accompanied with Giorgio Ricci and
Massimo Berizzi. Together, they have created an ambient album that’s full of misty
atmospheric soundscapes, fused together with guitars and something that’s not often
heard in context of electronic music, the trumpet. A word from the artist himself:

“The Sixteenth Hour is indeed a weird title for a record, given that there are little
or no connections with the band’s name. It has it’s roots in not so distant time,
when the sixteenth hour was the hour in which a lot of things, real and fantastic,
were accomplished. It was the magic time of the day, a new beginning, the end
of the daily routine and the start of lucid dreaming. The atmosphere and the
soundscapes we tried to summone on the EP come directly from that time.
We tried to obtain all this by the means of an array of modern electronics, electric
vibrations from some bass and guitar, and, most of all, the breathe of a trumpet.”

download the invidual tracks (high quality MP3):
01 “Soft G-Skin” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
02 “Maximizing the intro” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
03 “The year of the quiet sun” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
04 “What remains of a breath” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
05 “Apollo” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
06 “Another way” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
07 “A night in the city” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
08 “Moon” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
09 “The voice of the angel” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
10 “Atlantean” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in MP3 format, 94 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in FLAC format, 285 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial license.

(download bandwidth provided by Currahee Hosting for the mirror, thank you.)

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6 Responses to “sfp06 HALO XVI “The Sixteenth Hour””

  1. July 15th, 2009 at 22:02

    mirco 'micromix' salvadori says:

    Good work guys. A real personal touch in the ocean of electronic sound.

    My compliments goes to Giampaolo, Giorgio and Massimo.

    “Halo are not XVI but III!”

    micromix – Venezia/Italy

  2. July 29th, 2009 at 7:44

    Daniel Davis says:

    Pretty cool.

    It’s got an old school (I’m talking ’70s) vibe to it ala Kraftwerk, mixed in with some modern soundscaping, ambiance, and a dash of avant/experimental.

    I dig the trumpet as well – reminds me of Jon Hassell

  3. August 3rd, 2009 at 4:25

    The Sixteenth Hour | Fabrik Project says:

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  4. October 18th, 2009 at 22:07

    olonoise says:

    when the music is on, turn up the lights…
    olonoise (who designed HALO XVI’s first CD cover)

  5. November 19th, 2011 at 7:13

    daniel says:

    the fourth track reminds me of the blade runner OST… good work

  6. July 20th, 2013 at 19:53

    podcast of this week’s Blind Flight, Celebrating the moon landing | the blind flight says:

    […] Available for free download from http://softphase.org/netlabel/releases/sfp06 […]

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