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sfp14 Coax “From The Endless Auburn”

audio preview (medium quality):
[audio:http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-01-the_long_path-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-02-starfire-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-03-oak_sestina_1-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-04-volition_and_sorrow-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-05-roads_and_corners-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-06-darkman_fights-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-07-oak_sestina_2-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-08-elements_of_a_plan-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-09-treasure_hunt-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-10-oak_sestina_3-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-11-space_lounge-stream.mp3,http://stream.softphase.org/sfp14/coax-12-the_end-stream.mp3|titles=The Long Path,Starfire,Oak Sestina 1,Volition And Sorrow,Roads And Sorrow,Darkman Fights, Oak Sestina 2,Elements Of A Plan,Treasure Hunt,Oak Sestina 3, Space Lounge,The End|artists=Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax,Coax]

“Norwegian artist Coax, who has previously released on the Kahvi and Monotonik
netlabels, returns with his second album on Soft Phase. “From The Endless Auburn”
is a thrilling, evocative, emotional journey. Coax has crafted a cinematic masterpiece,
blending a full orchestra, delicate piano, and tumbling synths to light up the mind’s
eye. His music has a raw, poignant beauty that sinks down into the heart.

Majestic strings, dark thundering brass, and bombastic percussion swell into dazzling
vistas full of fiery arcs as planet and sun collide. Yet Coax shows us another side of
the world: contemplative, enchanting, intertwined piano melodies, shimmering harps,
ethereal choirs, and sparkling bits of diamond dust scattered through the cosmos.
It’s rich, moving audio imagery: quiet lost forests, the grand tumult of pitched
battle, and autumn sunsets blending with swirling nebulae.” — Joshua Saddler


download the invidual tracks (high quality MP3):
01 “The Long Path” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
02 “Starfire” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
03 “Oak Sestina 1” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
04 “Volition And Sorrow” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
05 “Roads And Corners” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
06 “Darkman Fights” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
07 “Oak Sestina 2” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
08 “Elements Of A Plan” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
09 “Treasure Hunt” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
10 “Oak Sestina 3” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
11 “Space Lounge” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]
12 “The End” [download] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in MP3 format, 80 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Download the complete release in FLAC format, 185 MB zip file from:
[main site] [mirror] [archive.org]

Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial license.

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6 Responses to “sfp14 Coax “From The Endless Auburn””

  1. September 2nd, 2010 at 16:33

    Rags says:

    Thanks for this! Not only some inspiring melodies and all the shades of the emotional palette, but evokes some great memories as well (months of playing Might and Magic 6 7 and 8). Personal choice: Space Lounge.

  2. October 16th, 2010 at 15:12

    Breitband - DIY-Musik und professionelle Open Source Klänge says:

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  3. October 31st, 2010 at 12:59

    Label spotlight: SoftPhase | Kristian's thoughts about music and sound says:

    […] to it. His two releases on SoftPhase are “Artifacts and Discovery [sfp04]” and “From the Endless Auburn [sfp14]“. The music’s cinematic qualities are so good that I call them audiomovies. He has lots […]

  4. January 23rd, 2011 at 23:08

    Coax – From The Endless Auburn « Door into Summer.ru: блог людей, свободных от стереотипов и принципов says:

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  5. January 20th, 2012 at 19:46

    Label spotlight: SoftPhase says:

    […] I first discovered this label through the magnificent music of Coax. His abilities range from epic film scores to highly experimental sounds, and he always makes music with a strong passion and visual aspect to it. His two releases on SoftPhase are “Artifacts and Discovery [sfp04]” and “From the Endless Auburn [sfp14]“. […]

  6. April 13th, 2012 at 19:44

    Phantom Circuit #96 » Phantom Circuit says:

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